Traveling New Zealand: Photography

We’re traveling for the winter and just finished a month of exploring New Zealand. It’s as beautiful and grand here as we expected, and the mountains truly make it a unique place. The hiking here rivals what we have in Washington and BC, and the weather is quite similar (rainy, chilly, sometimes sunny, and changeable by the hour).

Here’s some photography from our journey across the south and north islands.


Hiking Roy’s Peak, near Wanaka on the south island

There are lots of sheep (and lamb) in New Zealand! This one we were hiking next to on the way up Mount Maunganui near Tauranga (north island).

Hiking near Mt Cook

We had a campervan for 10 days to explore the south island.

Near Abel Tasman National Park. This entire beach had been submerged a few hours before, when our water taxi motored over it. They have large tidal swings here (15 feet).

Tongariro Alpine Crossing

Tauranga (north island)

Lake Pukaki, at our favorite camp site near Queenstown


Posing with the America’s Cup, thanks to Moulet of “Extreme” who also took us out for a sail in the local “rum race”.


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