Photography from Our Australia Travels

We’re traveling in the Southern Hemisphere for the winter, and I had some requests for updates from our non-sailing travels, so here are my favorite photos from our 3 weeks in Australia (we’re in New Zealand as of November 20).

We had an amazing time in Australia, with beautiful sunny weather in the 75-95F range. The highlights were definitely Sydney and the Great Ocean Road, but Cairns and Melbourne were good stops as well.


We loved all the harborside walks in Sydney

The Bondi beach walk outside Sydney had an extensive sculpture exhibition on display

Sydney Maritime Museum

Walking along the bluffs of the “South Head” (entrance to Sydney Harbor)

A bit north of Cairns – hot and tropical up there!

Emu and kangaroos at the Melbourne Zoo

Wild koala we spotted along the Great Ocean Road

The iconic “12 Apostles” along the Great Ocean Road

A kookaburra – these cool birds are a lucky treat to spot

Kangaroos (with a joey!) in our campsite

Van life is kind of like sailing, but a whole lot easier.

Hiking in the Grampians mountain range


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