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Summer Plans: Seattle to Broughtons and Back

In 2 weeks we take off on our 3 months of cruising. I promised some more details on where we’re going. One thing we’ve been realizing in telling our friends and family about our summer destinations is most people have never heard of these places and have no idea where they are or what they’re like. So in this itinerary I’m including some background info on the locations.

The itinerary is not exact – when cruising we try not to sail to a schedule. All the dates are +/- 2-3 days, and the variance gets higher the later in the trip we get (+/- 5-7 days) – we also might add or eliminate destinations especially in the later half. If any fellow cruisers are going to be in these locations on nearby dates, send us an email (use the Contact link at the top) so we can try to meet up in an anchorage.


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A Cruise to Gig Harbor

At last freed from the clutches of the boatyard, this was our first weekend cruise in a month or two. And we were lucky to have fantastic conditions!

Friday evening we took off early because I knew the sunny skies with 15-20 knot north wind couldn’t be passed up. We wanted to head south, so this wind was perfect to give our sail from Shilshole a jump start. When we left the marina around 5pm, the forecasted 15 knots had picked up to 20-22, so instead of raising a double reefed main and genoa we decided to simply unfurl the full 135% genoa. This worked great, keeping our boat speed around 6 knots. The C&C Landfall 38’s masthead rig likes a big foresail.

A beautiful sunset from our anchorage at Blake Island the first night

A beautiful sunset from our anchorage at Blake Island the first night

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This Year’s Haul-out: Dropping the Rudder

The annual* haul-out is something I’ve come to dread. Haul-out projects are usually the toughest type of boat work there is. Especially mechanical jobs, where you’re trying to get 32-year-old salt water corroded parts apart.

This year’s haul-out was a roller-coaster of emotions. Despair, frustration, anger. And some bright moments of relief and happiness.

I’m jealous of all the boats hauling out just for painting (we don’t need it yet) – yes painting is also difficult, sweaty, dirty work – but painting is never as discouraging as being stuck hammering on the same part for 2 hours.

* (Haul-outs don’t necessarily need to be annual – but right now we have enough work that they are)

It was all the more trying because the three weekends we worked hauled out had phenomenal sailing conditions for Seattle – sunny, warm, and windy – a rare combo for the PNW.

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