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This is the start of our new blog! Expect about one or two posts per month on average, maybe more initially since I have a backlog of things to write about.

I’m hoping to write in a way that will make it more accessible to newbie sailors or people who have never sailed. So some posts might seem a bit “dumbed down” for you experts (but don’t worry, I’m happy to get technical in the comments or email). My favorite thing about my sailing idols S/V Delos is that they make sailing entertaining even to non-sailors.

I’d also like it to be educational. Most sailors have plenty of opinions, but it’s tough to separate the opinions from the facts. I certainly have opinions, and I won’t be able to suppress them entirely, but I hope to present more balanced facts most of the time – using data or multiple sources of information.

Eventually, photography and video will be a big part of this blog. Since photography is one of my other hobbies, I’ll make sure to post only high quality, high resolution photos (maybe with lighter mobile versions for people out cruising with slow Internet).

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